Dear Mr. President

Brief Tales

The matter can not be held for more time. The last years, we’ve been denying all the information that it was recorded by privates, but there is no way back. Our services can not stand this situation anymore. Wether the population is ready or not for this, we need to release the information.

As you must know, the other members of the committee agree. I hope you can agree too, as your approval is highly important and estimated, as well as highly needed. In case you suscribe, my colleagues and I have been developing a plan about how to broadcast this information. We all agree in giving the information in small pieces. We could begin with the existence of IETBs in far away planets and let this new rest over the population for a while. Let’s say a couple of years maximum, given the circumstances. Then, we could build a…

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There was a man

There was a man. Some called them a “walker”. Why? Because he walked all the time. He walked like a militar. It was a very unusual sir. He always followed the same speed. Not fast but definitely not slow. Most of his neighbours thought he had some kind of mental disorder. When I say “most”, I mean everyone. I was just trying to be polite with this sir. However, it wouldn’t be fair for you to believe that there was some people who though he was sane or rational.

The younger ones used to do jokes and impressions of him. The older ones used to look at him with pity. The others tried not to look at him, like he didn’t exist. In order words: pretend, which was something they were very good at.

Some people intended to burn him, others to simply kill him… He was stolen in numerous occasions. But nobody cared too much about him.

There are many people in the city of the “walker” who come in for the first time and others have to go, to never come back. Something similar happened to our sir. One day, he walked away and never came back. Nobody dares to say if he died or he simply went to another city.

A month later, a statue was built in his honour, a street was named after him and even a party is celebrated every year to remember the day he was gone. That day, according to the older ones, was the saddest day they remember.

Goat’s Adventures: High

Goat’s Adventures are simply stories in which a goat plays a role. In these Goat’s Adventures, the goat is always the same one.
Warning: This is not the typical story. If you are intended to read it, you must notice that you will not find something ordinary, but outlandish, extravagant and even gore in some moments.

After having sex with a sheep, the goat spent the next nine hours smoking. Every time he has intimate relations with a sheep, he does the same activities. Once he finished all his weed, he was led to a concert hall for a rehearsal with his band. He played the transverse flute. The goat was extremely good at it. However, he was just able to play one note, the one which is played without fingering the holes.

According to the goat, he was the most important member of the band, even though the band’s name was Lady Gaga and the singer was called Lady Gaga too. He claimed that everyone who came to listen to Lady Gaga was to see the goat playing the flute. The goat was always placed at the end of the stage during the concerts, so it is practically impossible to see him during the performances. Likewise, the sound he makes with his flute was usually covered by the sound of the other instruments. Continue reading

How “The fucking Wizard” was made

It is one of the most magnificent short stories of the modern European literature and probably, of the world of literature in general. Its narration, the stylish and elegant combination of words along with the profoundness of the story, are real evidences which prove that The fucking Wizard is a masterpiece like no other.

The story has received many positive critics from different media around the world: Continue reading

The fucking Wizard

A long time ago, there was one of the most powerful wizards of all times. All famous writers who write about wizards, claim that their wizards are the most powerful ones, but this one was even more powerful than those. Quite more powerful. He really was a top wizard. He could do anything that he could imagine, whether it was good or evil.

Unfortunately, he was unable to use his power over him. At least not as properly as he did when he used his magic with others. He knew he had enough power to change his life, improve it or worsen it. Yet, he couldn’t. There was an estrange magical wall which made any attempt to use the magic against himself impossible.

He studied the situation for a breve period of time. In that time, he realised that the magical wall was created by himself. Unconsciously, the old wizard was playing against himself. Still, that wall could be destroyed using different enchantments in a daily basis. However, the wizard was too lazy to do that effort. The truth is that it wasn’t a big deal. He only needed to be constant in his enchantments. But he was accustomed to use his powers to solve all the problems in the twinkling of an eye, with the minimum effort. Continue reading

How I Lost my Life

Unlike the old times, this begins to be the story of always. Check papers and sign them. All the time. No resting, no nothing. Just signing. The times of freedom and happiness are over. Welcome to the times of despair, of anger, of regrets and shadows, covered in black and white colours. Continue reading


Lateman was a man who enjoyed a happy life. He had everything he wanted to have in this world but one thing. Lateman was unable to arrive on time to any of his meetings. Doesn’t matter what he tried to do to solve the problem, the results were always the same.

Lateman had a load of clocks of all kinds. He even bought a smartwatch. Unfortunately for him and his friends, that did not help. However, one day he discovered something in one of his clocks. He saw one tiny elf who was moving the time forward. When he saw the little creature, he was completely astonished. Lateman tried to talk to him, but he could not, because he was late to meet one job mate. He only said ‘I’ll talk with you when I come back’. Continue reading

Goat’s Adventures: The Bus Driver

Goat’s Adventures are simply stories in which a goat plays a role. In these Goat’s Adventures, the goat is always the same one.
Warning: This is not the typical story. If you are intended to read it, you must notice that you will not find something ordinary, but outlandish, extravagant and even gore in some moments.

Once upon a time, there was a bus driver who escaped from a mental illness hospital. He stole a car and drove through the darkness of the night. The bus driver was usually fed with pills for his mental issues. The bus driver did not like pills, so that was the main reason he decided to runaway from the horrible hospital. Continue reading

Remembering the Apple Day with Eve

Even though it happened thousands of years ago, I remember the garden of Eden like it was yesterday. What a place! It was like High Park but without foreigners or runners. There, you could find anything, and when I say everything, I mean everything but Wi-Fi. You might think that my memories of such a place are full of happiness and joy, but they aren’t.

I was told by a sir who called himself all-powerful God, that I could take anything from the garden except the apples of an apple tree. And I said “ok, I got it”. But nobody explained me nothing about any devil shaped like a serpent. God, you missed that. I mean, I see a nice snake who comes towards me and tells me to eat one of those apples to be as powerful as God and what do you want me to do? You should’ve explained me the whole story, Lord. How on earth could I guess such a blessed madness? Continue reading

On the Seventh Day He Rested

I’ve been creating the world for six days, you know. I think I deserve a little rest. Besides, I believe it is already done. What else could I do? It looks perfect to me. Although I have to admit that new things look better the first day, and as they get older, they get uglier and less cool. But that’s not up to me. I created the world so now my job is done. I know I’ve been hired for seven days, but working a whole week can’t be done. In fact, the laws forbid to work seven days in a row. Continue reading