Being Watched

Many people claim that when they were young they felt they were being watched or recorded by somebody. As a matter of fact, there is a film called The Truman Show starred by Jim Carrey, which deals, more or less, about this topic. In the film, a guy is recorded since he was born, living in a fake life where everyone but him are actors and actresses, although the main character doesn’t know it.

Then, as we grow up, we refuse those thoughts and think they were just silly ideas. However, what if it’s truth? Maybe it is not a coincidence that so many people from so many different places had had the same thoughts and the same feelings. Some people even made a film (at least one that I know). Maybe our subconscious mind was trying to tell something and now our “logical” brains are moving apart those ideas that today we think as fool.

Plus, there are a lot of texts and theorist of doubtful importance,which argue that we are actually being watched. There is one funny theory that says that there was a time when the Moon didn’t exist and that it came some centuries ago. Those who said so, also state that the Moon is in fact a ship from very far away where an alien specie is watching us. They also show data about it, as well as “proves”. Those “proves” aren’t very reliable to be honest. Or they aren’t reliable to me. However, if I was an alien who wants to watch the Earth without being noticed, I would place some kind of object for such time that humans were used to the presence of that object, in order to consider it usual. If that was the plan, it looks perfect to me.

Because perhaps, and only perhaps, our childish thoughts weren’t so fool. Because in that time, the childhood, we weren’t so polluted by society and we were able to feel things that a grown up could never understand. Because we shouldn’t assume anything. But don’t take so seriously, because maybe I watched too much Dragon Ball.


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