A World Ruled by Lies

It takes some time to realise that whatever you are told answers not the truth, but interests. Newspapers are the perfect example, although not the only one. They tell us how they want us to see the world. They play with the information by showing some pieces and hiding others. The biggest and most “important” newspapers answers to big corporations, who are their real owners, not the people.

The same happens with politicians and their parties. They never criticise themselves and if they do not get enough votes is due to “lack of luck” or because they did not transmit the message “correctly” to the people. As the most important newspapers, the most “important” politicians answers to corporations as well.

I know that what I am telling is something known by many. However, many does not mean everyone. In fact, in the last Spanish elections the most corrupted party, investigated for several crimes of huge impact, was the one which won. Why? Fear. Fear to the new. We prefer to be stolen by guys that we know than risk ourselves to be stolen or not, by some new fellows.

However, lies can not be eradicated. Lies are part of us. From the beginning of our story as humans, we have been imagining things and telling “lies” in order to make us feel better. And that is the point of telling lies. It helps us, although for a short time. Lies are always discovered sooner or later, by the facts, by the reality, by events.

Maybe, we are not living in a world of lies, but in a world of hiding information, now that we have more information than never before. But it is up to us to find that hidden information and to speak by ourselves instead of repeating the words of a TV journalist or a politician. Perhaps it is time to think individually for the benefit of the collectivity. Or perhaps not… Anyways, we will discover it, sooner or later.


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