Goat’s Adventures: High

Goat’s Adventures are simply stories in which a goat plays a role. In these Goat’s Adventures, the goat is always the same one.
Warning: This is not the typical story. If you are intended to read it, you must notice that you will not find something ordinary, but outlandish, extravagant and even gore in some moments.

After having sex with a sheep, the goat spent the next nine hours smoking. Every time he has intimate relations with a sheep, he does the same activities. Once he finished all his weed, he was led to a concert hall for a rehearsal with his band. He played the transverse flute. The goat was extremely good at it. However, he was just able to play one note, the one which is played without fingering the holes.

According to the goat, he was the most important member of the band, even though the band’s name was Lady Gaga and the singer was called Lady Gaga too. He claimed that everyone who came to listen to Lady Gaga was to see the goat playing the flute. The goat was always placed at the end of the stage during the concerts, so it is practically impossible to see him during the performances. Likewise, the sound he makes with his flute was usually covered by the sound of the other instruments.

When the goat arrived to the concert hall, he was completely high. It was surprising that he was able to find the way. When he was in and prepared to play, Lady Gaga addressed to him and said, “how can you come here like that and without carrying any weed? Next time you take it with you, I would like to buy some.

The goat laughed out loud, “hahahahaha no. My weed is not for selling.” The goat was very serious and high about it.

The rehearsal was over and the goat decided to go for a walk around the city. He had no friends in that moment because the goat used to poop in the middle of the street and the police ordered his friends to pick the defecation, as they thought they owned the goat. That situation annoyed the goat’s friends a lot, so in the end, they always left him.

He was strolling for hours. During that period, he was chuckling all the time without apparent reason. He pooped in five different places in order to know where he had been, just in case he walked again for the same area. That didn’t work, because he stepped his own shit a couple of times. The goat also stole several apples from different fruit stores. Next morning, he woke up in a building’s roof. He didn’t know why and how, but there he was. The roof was a bit sloped and there were no windows or anything to enter back in the building. Plus, the building was really tall, so jumping from the roof would be a suicide. Therefore, he decided to admire the views and relax. The goat knew for sure that he was dreaming, so he only had to wait, until he really wake up.

However, there was one thing that the goat didn’t know. It wasn’t a dream.

More Goat’s Adventures here.


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