Only Children

Many things are interesting in this great world, but none of them are as interesting as you are.

People have opinions about everything and that’s great. However, the only valid statement is hidden in your brain and spitted out by your mouth, which is spitting all the time, for the delight of our ears.

Probably, the Earth rotation would be impossible if you weren’t part of this world. Certainly, the gates of hell would be wide open, and all the evil would be wondering around our planet. Lucky us, that you were born and we can hear your statements and affirmations, which keep nothing but the real and unique truth.

Share is a word for finances. That’s the only acceptation that this word has. Cooperation is another nice word. It means “the act of working together for your own purpose and benefit and following your not questionable marvellous guidelines.”

There’s nothing unknown for you, because you know it all. All the secrets of the past, present and future are an open book for your excessive wisdom. Your wisdom is so magnificent that listening what others might think about any subject, could be dangerous, as it could pollute your knowledge.

Is it an ancient Greek God what I’m seeing? Almost. It is you, showing off your body, claimed by everyone who knows what’s good. The reason for the sun to shine is due to your selfless presence. The sun cries producing rain due to your absence.

You can learn from others’ experiences. Though if I think twice, I realise that you don’t. Your vast experience makes useless to listen what any infidel has to say.

Sometimes you don’t succeed. Could it be because you’ve done something wrong? Of course not. I’m even ashamed of asking that silly question. But then, why is it that sometimes you don’t succeed? I gotcha. You succeed always. Everything you do is gold. Everything you do and think with your precious body and brain can only be gold and flowers. You know it and you know that we know it.

People pray to God because God arrived first. Otherwise, you would’ve built the Noah’s Ark, you would’ve written the ten commandments, you would’ve died on the cross and you would’ve risen from the dead to rule the US properly under the name of Donald. Because you are the only one who knows how to do it right.

No only child was harmed in the writing of this post.


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