Lateman was a man who enjoyed a happy life. He had everything he wanted to have in this world but one thing. Lateman was unable to arrive on time to any of his meetings. Doesn’t matter what he tried to do to solve the problem, the results were always the same.

Lateman had a load of clocks of all kinds. He even bought a smartwatch. Unfortunately for him and his friends, that did not help. However, one day he discovered something in one of his clocks. He saw one tiny elf who was moving the time forward. When he saw the little creature, he was completely astonished. Lateman tried to talk to him, but he could not, because he was late to meet one job mate. He only said ‘I’ll talk with you when I come back’.

When Lateman joined his job mate named Waitboy, he told him that he had arrived late because there was a tiny elf moving forward the time of his clocks.

‘I don’t understand. If you are saying the truth, you should’ve come quite sooner, because he only changes your clock’s time,’ said Waitboy, who wasn’t prone to believe his words.

‘But the point is that the elf changes my real time, not just the clocks, do you follow me now?’ said Lateman, who was desperate to be understood by his fellow.

‘Lateman, you always make it so difficult to believe you. At least, You could’ve worked your excuses harder. No one could possibly believe what you’re telling me. It doesn’t even make sense.’ Waitboy looked quite sad while saying it. He considered Lateman as his friend, but sometimes Waitboy couldn’t hold his stories.

‘Waitboy, man, you’re my friend, you have to trust me. You have to help me to kill these elves.’ Lateman wanted to be believed and he didn’t want to end the conversation without the compassion of his dear Waitboy.

‘Could you please explain me how I can trust you? Last week you told me that your brain had been possessed by an alien being who intended to conquer the Earth by forcing people of the whole world to arrive late to all their meetings, provoking a collapse in the financial system. Then you tell me two things: what the hell happened to that alien being? Is he or she still interested in conquering the Earth? And secondly, you’ve just mentioned one elf and now you’re telling me that we have to kill more than one? Do you think I’m a fool?’ Waitboy was really angry and he was expecting to hear what he had to say.

‘My lovely Waitboy, you are right. I’m not being completely honest with you. You got me. From now on, I will be sincere with you and your mother. The elf that I have just mentioned and the alien being… they are…’ Lateman made a long pause to say it. ‘They are both aliens.’ He felt a strong relieve once he said so.

In the meanwhile, Waitboy’s jaw was touching the pavement of the street— as they were talking in the middle of a crowded area of a big city called Falsehoodtown.

‘Yeah, I understand your surprise, Waitboy. I reacted equally when I figured out the truth. But now that you know it, we can share the burden together.’ Lateman sounded happier now that his friend knew the real reason of his delay.

‘Do you think we’re Frodo and Sam from the Shire sharing the burden? This is it, Lateman… I can’t hold it anymore,’ said Waitboy, once he had picked his fallen jaw. Immediately after, he started to walk away from Lateman, without saying even goodbye.

Lateman sat in a close bench. He was very sad. He couldn’t understand what his mistake had been. With a look of regret he said: ‘I should’ve never mentioned the elf,’ addressing to a pigeon who sat next to him.


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