Nice Songs in Spanish

Would you like to have fun listening some rock and roll, heavy metal or any other kind of strong music? Then, you have come to the wrong place.

This time, we bring you five nice songs in Spanish. This means that the songs will be pleasant for your ears, which will be more than grateful with you after listening them. These songs are not the best ones in its category. They are just simply nice.

The first song is called “Al Otro Lado del Mar” (Across the Sea) by El Pescao. I could say a lot of things about this song, but I will just say that your ears will be dancing at the rhythm of this melody.

Another polite and lovely composition is called “Lento” (Slow) by Julieta Venegas, who was born in the US, although her roots are found in Mexico. Here, Julieta argues that she wants love to behave slower, so she can enjoy more her live (or something like that).

A friendly sound is given by El sueño de Morfeo, through their song “Esta soy yo” (This is me). The singer is from the Canary Islands, though the band is from Asturias (north of Spain). They represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, achieving a not really good result. Anyway, with this song, the band rose to stardom in their country.

Pereza, with their “Todo” (All) provide us a song which is closer to be rock and roll than any other from this list, although I would categorise it as pop music. They are from Madrid and tell us a bunch of things that they would do with their lover.

Finally, another Spaniard called Raphael sings “Escándalo” (Fuss). This musical theme is from the 90’s. We could say that the song is about a couple whose relation is quite polemic and provokes a fuss in society, although the singer does not care about what others would say and he will be loving her partner anyway. There is no human in Spain who does not know this song, although it is not loved by everyone.

And that is all. If this musical section has a minimum of success, perhaps another “five nice songs in Spanish” will be shared. After listening to these songs, I only hope that your brain have lost the control over your body.


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