Parents vs Children

The ultimate battle has already started . Who will be the winner?

Thousands of years ago, there was a battle of similar characteristics, which confronted the mankind against wolves. Wolves used to be wild creatures hunted by men. However, some day, wolves started to help and flatter human beings. Humans were shocked by their behaviour and instead of hunting them, they loved them, and instead of calling them wolves, they called them dogs.

Is it happening the same with children? I don’t like to apply things indiscriminately, but I will do it from now on. Children are carrying out an strategy which is not new. They flatter their parents to achieve things like water, milk or a cleaning service. However, nowadays many kids are treated like monarchs. They are the ones who rule the house, and if things are not done the way they like, they scream, cry, puke or whatever that may be needed to show their disagreement. The performing of their disagreement techniques are perfect and they are the best doing it, no discussion about it. Some witnesses claim that they have seen children laughing, crying, and smiling in a matter of seconds, and some even state they have seen them doing all that at the same time. Many people argue that we are being controlled by dark forces who are the puppeteers of our presidents. That is definitely true, and they are called children. Love moves the world, unless there is a kid asking for attention.

But now, I would like to focus on the differences between children “new age” and dogs. If a child says he or she is tired and the child screams or cries because of it, the kid will be picked up. If they want to play, they play and if they break a toy, they will have a new one.

Let’s speak about dogs now. If a dog wants to play, you play with the dog. If a dog breaks a toy, you buy a new one. If the dog gets dirty, you clean the dog. Then, with all due respect, or not, what is the difference between a child and a dog? Have you realised that dogs and children are greeted in the same way? Are we raising dogs or children? Are the dogs new children or the children new dogs? Whatever the answers are, children have won the battle against their parents, as they get whatever they want at the precise moment.

I would like finish this piece of writing by adding the following sentences:

Now that Internet offers us the opportunity of seeing how some dogs are able to utter some words, children are starting to bark. This means that if everything continues the way it is going right now, dogs will rule the world. I’m just saying…

If you have read this and you have children, you must know that I know that your children are the best ones in the world. Likewise, you can notice that I am talking about other people’s children.

Encouraged by Risk


7 thoughts on “Parents vs Children

  1. It’s true. Sometimes my daughter barks first thing in the morning. I’m pretty sure if I gave her a milkbone, she would eat it. If I won’t play with her in the middle of the night (like right now), she slaps me in the eye. She believes she has paws.

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