Goat’s Adventures: The Bus Driver

Goat’s Adventures are simply stories in which a goat plays a role. In these Goat’s Adventures, the goat is always the same one.
Warning: This is not the typical story. If you are intended to read it, you must notice that you will not find something ordinary, but outlandish, extravagant and even gore in some moments.

Once upon a time, there was a bus driver who escaped from a mental illness hospital. He stole a car and drove through the darkness of the night. The bus driver was usually fed with pills for his mental issues. The bus driver did not like pills, so that was the main reason he decided to runaway from the horrible hospital.

Suddenly, the bus driver saw a bright spot in the horizon, which looked like a ghost to him. Next to it, there was a goat. At this very moment, the car engine stopped, and his driver could do nothing to restart it, in spite of trying it several times. Then, he realised there was a smoky smell coming from the middle of a forest, although no fire was seen.

The bus driver was so scared that he approached to the bright spot which looked like a ghost and to the goat, in a desperate try to receive help. Once he was close enough to the goat and the bright spot who turned out to be a real ghost, the driver asked them about the smoky smell. Unfortunately for him, they did not know a thing about that subject and in fact, both the ghost and the goat were shocked by the smell too.

In order to keep calm and relax, they decided to set fire and make a barbecue with the goat’s meat. All of them acceded, except the goat, who showed confronted thoughts about their plan. That is why they decided to make a vote by showing hands. The ghost and the driver won two against zero in favour of burning the goat. As the goat could not raise any of his legs, he couldn’t vote, though he tried as hard as he could.

They caught sight of a petrol station and they set the fire close to it, in case they needed more oil to burn the goat. When the fire was already taking place, a police car appeared at the petrol station. The police men witnessed a crazy goat moving around in circles and covered by flames. The cops were able to put out the goat’s flames. The goat acknowledged them the gesture. However, the police officers got extremely scared when they saw the burnt face of the goat. They were so scared that they thought the goat was a zombie that had decided to go beyond the grave for a walk.

In the meantime, the bus driver and the ghost were having fun watching the goat’s performance. It was in that moment, when the bus driver realised that the bottle where his pills were kept was empty. The ghost addressed to him and said: “it must’ve been the goat”.

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