The Likers

Who are they? How do they attack? Are they dangerous or wild? Many questions have been gathered around the myth of the Likers. Here, we will give you some of the answers, thanks to one scientific who studies them. His name is Bastien Likeable, from Switzerland. He carries his work in the University of Gin, in the Unlikely Science Department. He was kind enough to answer our questions:

Who are the Likers?
The Likers are a human specie who press the like botton to your publications (whether Facebook, WordPress…), without looking at the content. For example, if you post this interview, they will never be reading it, so you can say everything you want about them, they will never know, despite they ‘like’ it.

Why do the Likers perform such random activity?
By ‘liking’ everything, they are able to promote their figure or their web/blog. They are able to achieve new friends or followers by doing this activity in a daily basis. The more likes, the more visits they gain to their profile.

Are they wild?
In most of the cases, they are not. Even though you could find some wild specimens. Fortunately, most of them are domestic and will not cost you any harm.

Do they ‘like’ in groups?
Usually, they do not act in droves. They feel better performing their action from the loneliness.

Can they read your post for some reason?
The chances they read your post are quite low, even though they press the ‘like’. It has to be a really important subject for them to read. A dead or alive issue. Something really striking, like a video of cats making human voices. If you have no cats in your post, in the best scenario, they might read the two or three first lines, but they will never make it so down to read this specific answer, for instance.

How many ‘likes’ could they give in one day?
This is quite difficult to know, because they ‘like’ a lot. An army would be needed to carry out the sums. Anyhow, some experts claim that hundreds or even thousands of ‘likes’ everyday. That would mean that they do not rest for eating or sleeping. Their bodies would have evolved in such a way that their index finger will be shaking their computer mouses constantly, making this index finger the strongest part of their body, being extremely muscled.

Then, if you see a person with an extremely muscled finger, would we be talking about a Liker?
Yes, we would. Likewise, if we see a person who moves his/her finger in a spasmodic way, we would be dealing with a Liker, whose finger misses a ‘like’ button. Nevertheless, it is really difficult to see a Liker in the wild. They are usually locked in some areas which they call “rooms”.

Now that we know them better, perhaps we can understand them and understand their behaviour. A wild behaviour in a domestic body. That is the unique figure of the Likers.

Special thanks to Bastien Likeable, who was really friendly with our team and barely press ‘like’, during the interview.


28 thoughts on “The Likers

  1. I sure hope you didn’t like my blog, A Bat, A Hat, And A Friendly Chat, for the same reasons you mentioned in “The Likers.” Be that as it may. thank you for liking my blog and I really liked yours. Is it any different if I tell you I liked it as opposed to just pushing the button?

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  2. This is VERY interesting. I would have never thought about “likers.” I know that before I “like” a post, I read it first. 99% of the time, I leave a comment. Sometimes, I am without words but I still “like” them.
    Now 😦 I’m wondering if anybody really reads MY posts. Sigh.

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  3. Yesss oh my god ! Sometimes they don’t even have blogs of their own, they’re just random people liking on Facebook and you’re sitting here baffled as to how they got on your page, and why did they feel the need to like ?
    Mystères et boules de gomme.

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  4. This is actually quite true. It haooens to me sometimes. I post something and I see 5 likes on that post. But in reality only 3 people have actually taken the time to view the post. Everybody wants to be heard. But no one cares about hearing what others have to say. :/

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