Liebster Award


The Galician Lad has had a Liebster Award nomination by LePandaBaby. LePandaBaby, I would like to thank you for this nomination. It means a lot. I would also like to thank my followers for the support (the three of them), my cat Jose Miguel, for his lack of interest and his apathy, my bonsai, for doing nothing at all, which is more than what Jose Miguel can say and finally, my fat fish Fish, for hypnotising me with his (or her, who knows…) nonsense circular movements.

Apparently, the Liebster Award is a way to promote those blogs which doesn’t have many followers, but which offer new and refreshing ideas. Here you have the official Rules of the Liebster Award.


Questions made by LePandaBaby for those nominated:

1. Hobbies?
Frodo and Sam.

2. Most embarrassing moment?
Asking for a Happy Meal in Burger King.

3. Why you started your blog?
Mainly, because I wanted to practise my English, in order to improve the written skills.

4. How do you find purpose in life?
Without spending too much time thinking on it.

5. What drives you to keep on trying again each day?
I guess it must be the same thing that makes flies try to fly through closed windows over and over.

6. Biggest regret?
Saying “no, thank you” to people who asks for money. Yes, I did it more than once, but it wasn’t on purpose. It just happened.

7. Biggest fear?
Losing control on the dance floor. I mean, dance the night away, live your life and stay young on the floor, dance the night away, grab somebody and drink a little more. Or as Pitbull would say: “Así me gusta”.

8. Favorite color?
Greenish blue.

9. Favourite food?
Lettuce. Or is it something better on earth? I don’t think so. Lettuce is everything I need to enjoy a good dish of lettuce. No discussion allowed.

10. Favorite animal?
Politicians. They are wild and unique. The negative point they have is that they are not easy to be tamed and they bark too much. But apart from that, they are great animals.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
If everything goes the way it should, I would dare to say that in 2026.

11 random facts about myself.

  1. I lied in question 9.
  2. I get high in petrol stations.
  3. I resort to Yahoo Answers to solve doubts.
  4. I like to hear Adele’s songs in mute.
  5. I have never got drunk… without a reason.
  6. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films are the best superhero films ever made, and I would like to claim the forbiddance of new Spider-Man movies. It has been enough already.
  7. I like the way Toby Maguire acts.
  8. I am serious about the facts six and seven.
  9. If a pigeon stands in my way, I let the pigeon pass. I respect pigeons, even though they shit me anyway.
  10. I don’t understand cat’s behaviour.
  11. I’m starting to feel like writing about pigeons. And I will do it. Remember my words.


You deserve it.

New questions made by The Galician Lad for the nominees

1. If it was up to you, where would you like to live?
2. Right now, what’s the weather like?
3. What is love?
4. If I say Spain, what do you say?
5. What are you afraid of?
6. What makes you happy?
7. Would you like to recommend a film?
8. And a song?
9. How would you like to be remembered?
10. What are you thinking in this very moment?
11. Is there any question you would like to answer?

And that’s it. I will be looking forward to reading your exceptional answers.



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