On the Seventh Day He Rested

I’ve been creating the world for six days, you know. I think I deserve a little rest. Besides, I believe it is already done. What else could I do? It looks perfect to me. Although I have to admit that new things look better the first day, and as they get older, they get uglier and less cool. But that’s not up to me. I created the world so now my job is done. I know I’ve been hired for seven days, but working a whole week can’t be done. In fact, the laws forbid to work seven days in a row.

Probably, if I work today, I could create a world without clouds and make it sunny all the year… But I’m doing them a favour. What a boring world this would be if there was no rain. Now, they will be more entertained inventing the umbrella and pitched roofs. However, I have to admit that if they have no clouds, they’re gonna be really surprised when I send them the universal deluge. Anyway, that’s too much work and I’m not so well paid. Moreover, I was told by a friend, that the person who hired me doesn’t give tips at all, so I’m not gonna do any favour.

At the same time, I don’t really feel well doing nothing. I like to work. Though I’m not allowed to be creative while working. The contracting party gives me some specific drawings and I have to follow those drawings scrupulously. That’s definitely not cool. I’d love to be creative. But, what the hell!! This is my resting day, I’m gonna take this chance. I’m gonna try to build something inventive. Let’s start.

I’m gonna take, for example, this egg over here. Now, let’s find a duck. I have to find a duck. I have always wanted to do something out of a duck. If I’m not wrong, I believe I saw one just a few seconds ago. There it is. Ow!! Is that a beaver? Yes, it is! I’m gonna put it inside the egg too. And the otter over there, I’m gonna put it as well. I shake the mixture for a while and put it in the microwave. That’s all!

What a magnificent creature I have just created!! I’m gonna call it duck-billed platypus.

And this was the way God, in his biggest inventive, created the most physically whimsical animal ever seen in the face of the Earth.



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