How to Conceal your Magic

Are you a princess and you can’t control your powers? This is your lucky day. You have fallen into the right rabbit hole this time Alice.

It is widely common for distress princesses to be unable to control their own powers. That’s a mess if you want to seduce your prince or if you have a kingdom to take care of. But that’s not a problem anymore, as my wisdom gives solutions to problems— when I was little, I was blessed by a fairy godmother who threw fairy dust over me, giving me the power of wisdom and of eating through the nose—. Here you have the steps you should follow in order to control your magic powers:

1. Release the stress.
Don’t think twice and run to the bathroom. Toilets aren’t advisable, as they might get you more nervous. It is better to go to a room where you know you will be quiet and no one will bother you. Then, do what you must.

2. Control your feelings.
Now that you’ve been released from your pain, it is time to breath, my princess. Breath in and breath out, like you are the big bad wolf. For propers results, the princess concerned should feel stupid while performing the activity.

3. Make inward force.
This is mainly the key. Hold all the muscles of your body. In the twinkling of an eye, your problem will have become a politician pledge, i.e. nothing.

If by any chance, you’re still unable to conceal your magic from the outsiders, repeat the whole process until exhaustion. If you are exhausted and the problem persists, don’t you worry, give it time, they are just flatulences.

Many princesses have been saved already and they are happy now in their castles doing what they used to do before the disease: nothing. Join them!




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