Horoscope for Pisces

My dear and lovely flowers of passion also called Pisces, today you can get rid of all your fears, because Uranus is shifting into reverse gear tomorrow. So you can do whatever you want to do, doesn’t matter what others think. Likewise, Saturn aspects retrograde Venus and Mars, meaning that you have some fears that you can’t get rid of, even though Uranus is shifting into reverse gear. Therefore, if you have fears perhaps you get rid of them of perhaps you don’t. I hope you have it more clear now.
Besides, we can’t forget that we have a high-speed planetary plot twists, as well as a full moon eclipse in Libra. Well, I don’t know what a high-speed planetary plot twists means, but be aware of the full moon eclipse in Libra. It is extremely important that you notice it. If you don’t, you will be provoking a monthlong foray into Taurus, and we don’t want that for Taurus to happen.

I know what you’re thinking honey, you are in a strange period, aren’t you baby? You call it love, but I have to tell you that you’re wrong, it’s just that today you have flatulences. Look around you and you will see people experimenting the same problem, confusing love with intestinal gas. But don’t you worry anymore my angel, because all you’re wishes will become true and you will finally be able to expel that feeling in the toilet to never come back.

Finances and Economy:
Don’t you worry about money, my pony, you won’t see a single coin today. Not even in the pavement. You can run all the streets of your city that you will find nothing. Why? Because of Pluto. Doesn’t matter if Pluto is a planet, a moon or a spot in a telescope glass, Pluto is in the seventh house so you are fucked.

Inspired by: Fearless


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