Running Girl

There was a time when a mysterious woman went out for running. Though nobody knew where she went out from. But it was supposed that she lived in some place, in some kind of building.

She ran up and down. Carrying bags full of fruits sometimes, and others carrying nothing but her own weight. She was always wearing a tracksuit. Not always the same one. At least, it is known she had one for the winter season and another for the summer time.

There had been whisperings that told she was seen walking, although very fast. Other whisperings argued she was seen in jeans. Nevertheless, nobody knew where those whisperings came from.

It is quite funny that most of the times she was seen in the same neighbourhood, doing the same things, running and carrying bags with fruit. Elderly people had always claimed that the running girl was not from here. Actually, they didn’t mention if they meant that the running girl was from a different country or otherwise, from a different planet. They said it in such a mysterious way that they made you believe the running girl was an alien. In any case, her behaviour was not the kind of behaviour that a person from this neighbourhood had. And when I mean neighbourhood, I mean… Well, you know what I mean.

There was a brave little girl who dared to follow the Running Girl. She tried to stop her to ask her who she was. But the Running Girl was too fast and she couldn’t catch her. Then, she decided to wait her in a place where she knew she would run through. Unfortunately for the little girl, the Running Girl, apparently, never ran where she was waiting. It was like if the Running Girl knew that she wanted to stop her and she decided to run in elsewhere.

But as the brave little girl was obviously brave, she wasn’t prone to abandon her goal. She began to train. The little girl went for running three times a week the first month, and later, she ran every day. She was faster now. Not as much as the Running Girl, but enough to catch her sprinting.

One day, while the little girl was running, she saw the Running Girl. Then, the little girl started to run as fast as she could to try to stop her. She screamed at her “Running girl! Running Girl!” The Running Girl ignored her. Then, the little girl took a lemon from a bag that she was wearing by chance, and threw it at the Running Girl. She hit her with the lemon in her back. The Running Girl turned around and stopped, but the little girl was running so fast that she was unable to stop so she continued running. In fact, she never stopped again. The little girl had become in the new Running Girl and the old Running Girl, once she stopped, never ran again.


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