Why is the dog the man’s best friend?

Because he doesn’t make questions.

That’s mainly it. What were you waiting for? Fireworks? I’m sorry, I ran out of gunpowder. I know I could write a bunch of words about this subject, but it would be just filler. Do you wanted to know the answer to this question? There you have it. No more is needed to add. I could write about the history of dogs and their past as wolves, but I wouldn’t be focusing on the point. And the point is answered, so I can go now, knowing that I have opened the eyes of at least millions of people. Besides, I don’t like to beat around the bush.

A quite different matter would be if you ask about who’s the woman’s best friend. Then yes, I would probably have to write a thesis. Probably a series of thesis. But I would only find more questions. It is like digging in the universe. The more you dig, the more you find. There is no straight answer for a question like that. The best way to answer it, is by making a new question. It is a world where you can’t go out alive, and if you do, you won’t be the same. That is what happened to a man called George R. R. Martin. He was an ordinary guy who used to write short stories. However, one fine day he asked himself: “Who’s the woman’s best friend?” Then, he wrote Game of Thrones, so you can see how disturbed he was after making that question. Many of you might think he is rich so he did well, but you can’t be more mistaken. Now, he is a writing machine. He can do nothing but writing. Some say he writes slowly and of course he writes slowly. That’s the prize he pays. He only writes and he does so slowly, really slowly. Would you like such a life? Not for me.

That’s all I wanted to say. And I’ve said more than I expected to say. I hope you are satisfied… I wanted to write about dogs and I end up speaking about a man who writes slowly. Where is this situation going to lead me? Certainly to another question…



2 thoughts on “Why is the dog the man’s best friend?

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