The Plant Who Knew Too Much

A famous British writer (the writer do not want to use her real name, so we will call her by her inicials), J.K., has reported her African Violet plant from spying on her. J.K. argues that the plant is coming closer to her and that she (Violet, the plant) is reading unedited material from her new books that are supposed to be private until they are put for sale.

Violet, who was bought by J.K. five years ago, is set in a J.K.’s room that she uses for writing some parts of her books. The writer could have moved her to another place but she does not because “I need her for my creational process. I need her to be my witness. But she is reading my stuff and I can’t accept it.”

Plants associations have already raised their voices asking for nothing specifically: “we just want to make some noise, that’s all,” said the plant’s association’s spokesplant.

We have been able to contact with the plant Violet to ask her some questions:

The Galician Lad: Are the J.K.’s words true? Are you reading something from her new book?
Violet: …
TGL: Does she water you every day?
Violet: … – she barely moves a leaf, what we interpreted as a categorical no-.
TGL: How much is this situation affecting to your day life?
Violet: … – a wind gust makes her flowers move a bit, what we interpreted as: “my life is being a nightmare from the day that lady devoted those words of anger and hate. I’m not the one to blame if she has no idea how to continue with the story. I told her a thousand times to put the Harry Potter story aside, but he always do whatever she wants. Of course, she is J.K., she has best sellers, she knows everything… (she said this making fun of her)”-.

Violet’s hard statements have had no words back from the famous writer, who threats to buy a rose instead, and put Violet in the garden.



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