He Asked for a Drop and He really Meant it

A young man from Phoenix went out for partying with their friends, last Saturday night. It was not a surprise for anybody when he asked one of his best friends for a drop of brandy. What it was surprising was that this person did drink just a drop and he drank no more for the rest of the night. Several universities have shown publicly their amazement for this event.

Likewise, social services, as well as top-level politicians and health centres, have already shown their concern about this situation. However, Phoenix’s mayor have tried to call for calm: “There is no reason for the peoples from the state of Arizona to be alarmed, as health securities have affirmed that the disease this young man is suffering, is not contagious.” However, the US government have just imposed a curfew in the whole state. The president Barack Obama have explained this curfew by giving a very long speech that can be summarised in three words: “just in case.

The protagonist of this story responds to the initials of P.D., and also to the name of Peter Droppy. He was born in a well-off family, suffering all kinds of well-treating. Moreover, their parents, the Droppies family, gave him freedom to build his own decisions, instead of having gave him the isolation every human needs nowadays. Parents’ associations have called for a demonstration under the slogan “one drop asks for another bottle”.

The case has already been reported to trials and the people from Phoenix are expecting a punishment that can serve as an example for other good boys. In the meantime, police is concentrated on the possibility that the drop-boy case might be linked to a criminal organisation of drop drinkers who operate at an international level.



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