Go with the Flow is No Longer Advisable

It was recently discovered by a group of rats, also known as professors by the University of Penciltown (UPT), that going with the flow is no longer advisable. The UPT’s headmaster (which is a prestigious fictional university created by the writer of this report, to make it look trustworthy), asserted last Monday that “this is the first university that has gathered enough proves to assert the end of the flow-time.” But that is not it. It was also the first and only who cared about this sh*t.

Many journalist asked the head of this investigation to show them the proves that led them to the previously mentioned conclusion. Unfortunately, the appeals were unheeded.

This blogger has had the opportunity to talk to one person that have followed the advises that this investigation has provided, to go against the flow:

Affected: I used to be an ordinary person who followed the rules and enjoyed being with people, dance, play sports. It could be said that I went with the flow.
The Galician Lad: And what made you change your behaviour?
A: I read an investigation by the UPT, which establishes that going with the flow was no longer cool. So I decided to go the other way around. To go against the flow.
TGL: What happened then?
A: My skin began to change. It was getting harder and in pink. Later, I realised that my skin was changed by scale.
TGL: Did you notice anything else?
A: Yes. My eyes started to separate from each other. Fins came out of my face and an even longer fin appeared in the back side of my head. All these processes have made me look like a fish in a human body.
TGL: How has this affected to your life?
A: Now I can be underwater the time that I want, and that is great. I also received a call from Facebook to appeared in a collection of stickers that it is used for chatting with people.
TGL: Was this a change for good?
A: Definitely. I used to be a regular person. Now, I am somebody. Now, I am a salmon too.


Our interviewee has suffered a big physical change.

The UPT has already published other powerful researches like “Half of the tweets published in this social network are Paulo Coelho’s sentences” (click here, to find out more about this reliable investigation).
Get to now more info about the sticker collection that the affected has on Facebook by clicking here.



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