Powerless: The Ultimate Superhero

He was born powerless, and powerless he remains. He laughs at society. With his lack of powers he can do anything and he knows it.

At the moment her mother gave birth, twenty years ago, society took all the powers he could have had. Due to his powerless, her own mother abandoned him. Luckily, he was taken by social services who took him to an orphan. However, he was so useless and such a burden, that he was offered to a bunch of chimps. Though the chimps were not completely comfortable with his presence. And so Powerless was moved from one place to another, and thanks to his amazing powerless, he traveled the whole world.

But how such a needless person was able to survive in every place of the world he fell in? The point is that nobody wanted to know anything about him, as he was powerless and people would receive nothing from him in return, as Powerless had nothing to offer. Then, Powerless only could win, because he was an empty glass. People just wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, because they knew they were wasting time with him. Therefore, if Powerless asked for something, he received that something instantly, so he could go to annoy someone else. The only problem with Powerless is that he is very insistent. People also knew that and that is why he received everything he asked instantly. Therefore,if he asked for help, he received help. If he asked for food, he received food. If he asked for money, he received money. If he asked for intimate relations, he received a slap.

Thus, the life of Powerless was a great one. If another superhero, like… I don’t know… Let’s say Batman… If Batman wants something, he has to punch a bunch of guys. But not Powerless. He only has to ask for it, and he will have what he was looking for. That is his massive weapon. If Sauron was Powerless, The Lord of the Rings would have been a short film instead of a trilogy. Powerless would only have to ask for the ring of power and he would have it in just a few seconds. Frodo and Sam would not have a chance. And that is why Powerless is the best superhero the world has ever known. I am sorry Stan Lee.


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