Sweatshirt Dog

A new step has been given in the doggy fashion field. Scientist of the most popular universities have been studying how to ruin the life of your pet a bit more. First, they brought us the raincoats for dogs and ordinary coats for chilly days. But dogs were asking for something more, a new advance, a step forward in canine fashion, and the scientist knew this. The misery of city dogs was not enough, they want more. Thus, the dog prayers were heard. The final invention has arrived. After being proved with rats and other perverted animals in special labs, scientist of doggy fashion are proud to present the sweatshirt dog (hooded built).


A dog enjoying his new sweatshirt while he asks for help.

Is the life of your dog still not ruined? Then, what are you waiting for? Do it now! Because that is what dogs were asking for. They were asking for a hood to cover their saturated heads. Besides, present dogs want to be smug badasses, so they need that hood to show how cool they are. By the way, golden chains for dogs are closer than we think, and it is going to blow the market.

Nowadays, female dogs of your neighbourhood will not copulate with any dog with something to say. Of course they will not. Female dogs will only smell the ass of a naughty dog with a sweatshirt. Because female dogs only love rapper male dogs, and you know it as much as I do.

Although perhaps you own a hairy golden retriever. How are you going to put a sweatshirt to such a hairy animal? Well, I do not have the answer to that question, but if you want your dog to be the coolest, put your dog the bloody sweatshirt right away. You know that the most important thing for your dog is to be the “fucker” of the town, so let’s turn the dog into a human being. Let the canine suffering spread.


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