The Walks of David: Loston

One month after visiting the city of mumblers, David decided to go out back again, for a new walk which for sure would be full of surprises. This time, he chose to take a bus and get off in any bus stop. And that is what he did.

While David was being ridden, he was reading a book. It was an interesting one, according to his questionable point of view. So interesting was the book that he forgot he was in a bus. When he waked from his reading, he pressed the stop button and got off. He was placed in the middle of a big city. He had heard about it. It was called Loston. A very crowded area. More cars than people, by far.

However, David was shocked because most of the cars were parked, instead of moving. Besides, they were parked in any place you could imagine. All the double parking was full. Cars were parked in pedestrian streets, inside cafes, above other cars… The city was a complete chaos. David was a curious person, so he asked a citizen about this matter.

“Nice person, what kind of trouble do you have here with the cars?” David asked, trying to sound cheerful.
“None. We have a trouble with the car owners.” He also tried to sound cheerful.
“How is that?” David was curious, because you know, he is a curious person.
“They forget they have a car once they park,” the sir said while laughing.
“That can’t be possible.” David was really startled. How a person can forget they have a car?
“It’s possible. Some days later they remember they owned a car and go out to look for it. Unfortunately for this city, they are always unable to find it.” He kept the cheerfulness.
“My mind! I can’t believe how careless they are… Have you lost your car by any chance good sir?”
“Of course young man! Many times. I lost the count of it also. In fact, I have to buy a new one.” By some reason David did not comprehend, he looked extremely happy. So happy that it looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Don’t you loose cars in the place where your are from?”
“Well, it might surprise you, but we don’t.” David did not wait for his interlocutor’s reply to ask another question: “Do you loose more things than cars?”
“Do you see all the dogs wander around the streets?” David looked around and saw hundreds of dogs running, walking, wandering, pissing, and doing doggy things. He was so shocked by the cars that he had not payed attention to the dogs.
“What the…? Yes, I see them. Please don’t tell me that are from the car’s owners.” David was really worried.
“They were lost like the cars and yes, the owners are the same people.” Needless to say that he sounded cheerful.
“How many dogs have you lost?” He was a bit frightened of the figure he was about to hear.
“None.” He sounded proud.
“Really? How can that be possible.” He didn’t hope that answer.
“Because I don’t like dogs. I’m a cat person.” Now David understood it.
“And did you loose any of your cats?” asked David.
“All of them. I bought as many cats as I could afford, because I know I’m prone to loosing things. You know, if you loose one cat, you have the others… But every time I took them out, I lost them. Some days I lost one, other day ten… You know how this life is.” David knew how his life was, but he had no idea what kind of crazy life people from Loston had, and he did not want to figure out more things. It was enough.
“Alright, it was a pleasure talking to you, sir”. It was more funny than a pleasure, but he had to be polite. He did not know the word ‘rude’, although he knew how to write it.

David sighted a bus coming and he got on it. After his experience in the town of mumblers, he had zero intention to spend any single minute in Loston. He got on as fast as he could and focused again on his book. Sometimes, books are the best option.


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