The Walks of David: Mumblehood

After a long morning at work, David decided to spend a different afternoon. He went out for a walk.

As he walked, his thoughts were getting more clear than before going out to the street. Also, he was enjoying how people moved from one place to another, how the town was working. He could hear shoutings, whispers and ordinary conversations. He was loving to be a witness of all that activity. David was having fun. When he checked his clock he realised he had been walking for an hour and he was about to enter in a different town. A town he was never in. But he had time, so he decided to continue his little journey.

The new town was quite similar to the one he was living in, and so was the people. However, as he was moving forward, he witnessed that some people were mumbling something to themselves. And the more he walked, the more mumbling people appeared, until he reached a point where everyone surrounding him was mumbling. He was not scared. Let’s say he was surprised. So surprised he was that he faced one of these mumblers to ask for the time. He had a clock, but he asked him anyway to know if they had some kind of mental problem.

“Excuse me sir, what time is it?” David asked decidedly. The “sir” looked at him, up and down, with a face of disgust. Then the “sir” followed his path while he continued with the mumblings, without paying attention to the formulated question.

David tried to talk with more people, but the result would be no different. And yes, he was scared now. He walked straight again and as fast as he could, but making a big effort in not attracting the attention of the mumblers. He was really frightened. And in a moment of lucidity he noticed he was mumbling too. Although he did not know what exactly he was mumbling about. Then, with the mumble came relieve. No signs of frightening were left. He was feeling much better. The feeling was so great that he approached a middle-aged man to talk to him. He mumbled something and the middle-aged man mumbled him back and they waved goodbye. He made it natural, like it was a daily thing, to mumble with another person without saying anything, not a word.

For some organic reason, David, the happy walker (and now mumbler also), entered in a bakery shop and bought a loaf of bread. He asked for the loaf and payed for it by mumbling. Only mumbling. Which looked to be the official language of the town. After that, he continued his walk. David was really happy.

After twenty more minutes of walking and bread eating, he asked a lady about something (mumbling stuff). The lady looked at him like he was mad and she run away from him. He also struggled to maintain a mumbling conversation with some guys but they also looked at him like he was crazy and did not answer any of his mumblings. He saw how all people he was crossing in the street were looking at him for some reason he unknown yet.

David stopped his walk for a second, in order to think about the situations he had just lived. It was then, when he figured out that all the people around him were speaking with words, instead of mumbling. He got completely embarrassed when he noted it. He could not believe he had been mumbling the whole time. Some part of him knew he was mumbling, but the other did not want to recognise it. He also noted he was in his town and around five minutes away from the street where he lived. He leaded his steps to that place, home. “Too much walking this time,” he mumbled.


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