Deadpool is different

Ow Deadpool. You really are a different superhero. At last, we have found a new perspective for these kind of films. Yes, this is the film. But, what makes Deadpool such a different superhero?

From now, and until I say otherwise, the following words will be loaded with irony. This words will be focused on trying to answer the question above.

Irony arises
Following, I am naming some points (many others can be found) that make Deadpool a different superhero (if you know what I mean).*

  • First of all, he does not want to be named superhero. This is extremely original.
  • He obtained his powers in a lab and because he needed them to get over a cancer.
  • Wolverine agrees this is really original and Spiderman smells something.
  • There is a final battle at the end. Something which was never seen in the Spiderman films, The Avengers (all of them), Hulk (all of them)… Summing up, never seen in any superhero or action movie made so far.
  • He is good-looking, the coolest guy around, and the funniest. This is so innovative that I do not understand how other directors of superhero films did not think about it.
  • He laughs at himself and at the whole superhero industry. The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy also agree.


It has some stuff which make it original and it is a definitely entertainment movie. However, the film is mainly like any other one in this genre, although funnier than others, which is great. Still, I wish I could see a humble superhero, instead of posers. Because that is what they are, Superposer films.

*Double wink.


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