Facebook’s Business Fish

Business fish is a fictional character from the Facebook’s sticker store, created by a company called Quan Inc. It is by far, the best fictional character. No discussions about it. It is a business man which has a fish instead of a face! How can other fictional character be better!?CNEkz31UcAAoMV5

And that is mainly all that I wanted to say about the Business Fish. What else could I say? I can not imagine how I could write more than one hundred words about a business fish. It is just a suit up fish who looks funny. Perhaps it is not such a great fictional character. Perhaps Deadpool is better. And it is trendy, I believe that I could write more than a hundred words about a Deadpool, unlike the Business Fish. It is funny, the fish I mean. But just that.

At first, I thought it would be a nice idea to write about the fish, but not anymore. The more that I write the less I like the fish. It is just a fish with a human body… Or a man with a fish in the head. Whatever it is, I think I prefer the usual sticker with a circular face in yellow. I got too excited about the fish. About writing something in this regard. I do not blame me, but I did get too excited. Although The Guardian wrote an article about the Business Fish. Maybe there is a journalist in The Guardian who also got too excited about this matter. It can happen to anyone. But he is forgiven.

Anyway, I should let the Business Fish aside and write something about Deadpool. I hate that bloody Business Fish.


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