I Want To Be Normal

It looks like everyone wants to be normal, even though we know we are all different from each other. Then, why are we trying to behave equally? Perhaps, we are being forced to do so. But I will not write about that subject for now.

I have never met any normal person, although I have met a lot of people who were trying to be normal. Many of them succeed in being normal from an outside perspective, but once you know their inside, you realise they are not normal at all. And that is fine. Or it should be.

I believe that one of the biggest problems of today’s western society (we have a bunch of problems to solve) is pretending to be someone we are not. And that someone is an standardised person. A kind of person that will lead to success. Or that is what we are told. Because once we reach that standard, we see that success is not achieved and we get depressed. It is funny that one of the most numerous diseases of western societies has to do with mental problems.

Sometimes, we find out that success is achieved by being different from everyone. Being different is something that people love, as occasionally we are sick of seeing, reading, listening, doing and watching the same things. Likewise, I have observed that people can react to something unusual in two different ways (generally speaking): some will love what they have witnessed and others will “hate” it because they do not understand it.

What I am trying to say is to promote oneself character. To promote being different. Because you are always going to find someone who passionately loves what you do. It is just about being yourself and being proud of it.

This post has been sponsored by Paulo Coelho*.

*But he still does not know it.


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