5 Signs to Keep Wondering if She Likes You

Do you know the saying “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars”? If that is true, the following 5 signs to find out if a girl likes you, must be from another galaxy. Next, you will be introduced to this unique and magnificent signs that will solve nothing if you are intended to know if a girl really likes you . Let’s get started:

1. Dilated pupils.
If her pupils are dilated, it means she likes you. If by any chance, her pupils are not dilated, make sure to turn off all lights. If you are outside and it is quite sunny, take her to a dark alley. Only then, she will have dilated pupils, so she will be looking forward to loving you until the end of times.

Advice: If she is in love with another guy, power a light bulb in front of her eyes when she is with him. Her pupils will go small and the love for the other guy will have been gone for ever (until nightfall…).

2. She plays with her hair.
If you are enjoying her company and she touches her hair, it obviously means that she is in love with you. Try to talk with her when the weather is windy, because she will be touching her hair more frequently. The more windy, the more she likes you. In fact, windstorms are usually surrounded by women in love.

3. Her body is facing you.
This is another overwhelming sing. If she faces you when you are talking, she is yours. It is widely known that all polite girls are in love with their interlocutors.

4. She touches you by accident.
Take care of the clumsy girls, they are inclined to fall in love with anyone at any moment.

5. She laughs at your poor jokes.
Of course she does!! Is she laughing at you? No way, she is laughing with me. That must be it…

These have been the ultimate 5 signs to keep wondering if she likes you. I hope they are as useless to you as they were to me. If you have another useless tip, do not think it twice and let us know.


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