What Education is

This is a conversation heard in a small canteen of a Galician village. This conversation was dealt by to people in their fifties (people A and people B). The talk was in Galician language, but I have translated it the best way I could. Apparently, they did not know each other. They were standing in the canteen’s bar when the conversation began:

A: Nowadays, young people are wild.
B: Sure they are!
A: They are so rude, damn it!
B: Indeed…
A: They know nothing about education. They don’t!
B: They know sh*t.
A: They are always with the phone. Even while eating. I can’t talk at dinner with my sons because they’re always with the damn phones. And that’s a lack of education, that’s a lack of education, f**k!! —He said so screaming quite loud and hitting the bar several times with his hand, as strong as he could.
B: They care about nothing, about nothing at all.
A: When we were young we were different. We respected people.
B: Yes, we did.
A: We could fight with other fellows, but we knew we were playing. Although a remember that I broke somebody’s nose one day when I was young.
B: Yeah, me too! —They laugh out loud).
A: Other times…
B: Yes…
A: Now, there is no respect. Young people don’t know education. You talk to them and they say nothing.
B: And they spend the whole day drinking. Every weekend they are drunk as hell!!
A: You’re f***ing right. To be drunk every weekend… that can’t be healthy. They only think in drinking, those bastards —He sipped the last drop of wine he had left. Their skin was a bit reddish, specially their noses.
B: If they were often hit, they would learn more about what education means. If I were his father… I never let my sons play with the phone while we are eating. NEVER!! BECAUSE THAT’S REALLY RUDE!!! —He was out of control. Then, he made a short pause to continue— Although sometimes they do it… (downplaying).
A: I also let them play with the phone, but I tell them not to do so. But they don’t care what I say, they ignore me.
B: And that’s because they are savages, they belong to the jungle.
A: Yeah, f***ing donkeys without education… —He spitted some liquid to the floor, once he finished his sentence.

They asked for the bills, payed the wines and left the bar with a thunderous slam.


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