Too much Justin Bieber. Too much ‘Love Yourself’

I would like to launch a request to the world to avoid the reproduction of one of the latest songs by Justin Bieber: love yourself. Ok, nice lyrics and everything you want, but it is definitely too much. Spain is about to collapse with so much “love yourself”.

Yesterday, I also launched another request to the Academy for not giving the Oscar to Leonardo DiCaprio, for some reasons that I have explained (very reasonable ones). And as I have no problem with DiCaprio, I have no problem with mister Bieber. In fact, I love some of his hits. I really do. It is just that last “love yourself” song. I can not turn the radio on without listening to that sedative song.

This is my situation. When I listen to that song, I believe it will not be finished. Fortunately, it finishes, although not as soon as I would like. And after finishing, there is still a pain left inside my soul, due to those mistaken chords.

The problem is that it seems everyone loves the song, so I have no way out. I have to swallow the song most of the times. I do not think David Guetta can do anything to fix it. The song is impossible even for him. Nevertheless, probably David Guetta would not change the song to make it better. I am sure he thinks it is alright the way it is now. Am I the only one who hates the song?

By the way, I like slow songs, but this is too much to handle. Too quiet. Help.


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