Who seems more foolish?

If you look like a fool doesn’t mean that you are a fool. In fact, many people who look like fools aren’t fools at all. On the other side, several intellectuals, who always look like they are smart, might be fools or more foolish than the fool-looking ones. Looks can be deceiving, indeed.

Let’s begin by those who look intellectual. If they are often playing the smarty role, people usually claim they are stupid. And if by any chance they change their role to a silly attitude, they are just proving their stupidity.

But, what about the fools? If a person is always acting like a fool, at least two lines of thought can flower. Line number one, that states they are deeply fools (because they have some mental disease). Line number two, they aren’t really that fools. Until now, everything is normal. However, if the person who looks like a fool, one day changes their attitude to behave in an ordinary way, it is believed by the crowd, that the fool is really wise. And they might even look wiser than the intellectuals. As a matter of fact, take care of the fools, as they know more than they say. Intellectuals are doing everything they can to prove they are geniuses, so they are open books. Don’t worry about them. But if a person has something to hide, it’s time to run away.

Thus, the question is, why do we people are so twisted when thinking about others? At least in Spain we are, don’t deny me that my dear Spaniards . And the more free time we have, the more twisted our thoughts become. If I would continue to write about this topic for more than five minutes, I would start to write proper names. And I wouldn’t like that, nor the “fools”.


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