To the Bonsai

Beloved Bonsai, I wanted to spend some words on you. Words that the wind could take, but I know you will keep.

My precious Bonsai, some will say that you are nor plant nor tree. But others like me will prefer to say half plant half tree. I don’t know how the Japanese realised how to make you so tiny, but whatever they did, they did it right.

Subtle Bonsai, you are able to live inside a house without saying a word. Although honestly, if you would have said it, my hands would probably have thrown you to the floor right away.

Little tree, you are like the air, the purest of earth. Although the air is transparent, and always moving… Well, perhaps you are not like the air after all. But you are pure and that is important.

Your shapes show solidity, firmness and fastness. But poor who touches you, who opens the window when it is windy, who waters you too much, who exposes you directly to the sun… Because all the solidity, firmness and fastness will be reduced to a sigh.

And what about the cares? What about the attendance this hell of a tree needs? No one tells you about that. Nor the seller, nor the person who gifted to you. What a gift! They gave you a burden made of leaves. Leaves that you are supposed to cut. Who would’ve guessed it? Who? Then, after a month, you are not a burden made of leaves anymore. No, you “evolve” into firewood. For god’s sake!

But some day, without knowing why, you start to matter me. I get informed and give you the right care, the care that you need. And as the first new leaf grows back in you, a tear drops in me.


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