Recovering Motivation

You could have started something that you really wanted to do, like applying for a job or studying for an exam. At first, it is relatively easy to keep the motivation up. Nevertheless, as time goes by, motivation could fly away.

Motivation is not something to have in mind just at the beginning. Finding things to maintain the motivation has to be, at least, a weekly task. If you are desperate, or stress and do not know what to do, you firstly need to keep calm. Once you have recovered your temper, it is time to remember why you felt motivated at first. What were the things that made you apply for the job you are in? Why are you studying so hard for that exam?

However, things could have changed, and whatever motivated you initially, do not motivate you anymore. Then, why do not just think in new things to recover that motivation of yours? Just write down all the good things of what you are doing and forget about the bad ones. Although of course, if the bad ones are worst than the good ones, maybe leaving what you are doing, in an intelligent way, it is not that bad, after all…

But anyway, if that is not your case, then, focus on nice things. You do not have to write all in a couple of minutes. Take all the time that you need. Maybe in one day, one week or a month. As soon as something comes to your mind, take note of it. As simple as that. You will keep your motivation at the highest spot and everything will be rainbows and lollipops.


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