The Danish Girl

It wasn’t easy for no one. Even though everyone tried. People used smartphones, carried excessive amount of popcorn, read newspapers… But nothing worked. Yawn was the main character of the film.

The beginning was great. So great that after half an hour, there was nothing to tell. In that moment, everything got complicated. Popcorns started to fly around the room, and jokes began to be told, until everyone was so tired that mumbling was the only thing that mouths could utter.

On the other side, Eddie Redmayne was a real girl. Great job for him. The audience want him to be a woman, and that’s an achievement. But the rest of The Danish Girl was too slow. Slower than a rash hour traffic jam. In fact, de film was too long, although IMDB says two hour, for the ones who suffered it, it seemed like three or four lives.

However, the worst part of the film, without any kind of doubt, was the ending. When the close credits appear and the cinema lights went up, when we were about to get sleep. That light almost blinded us. Coming out of the cinema was like a Walking Death scene. We were all practically living death. The Danish Girl had defeated us.


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