What is Twitter?

I will skip the technical details of what Twitter is. If you don’t know and want to find them out, here you’ll find plenty of information. Next, you’ll have my view of Twitter.

Twitter is a great tool, if you know how to use it properly. It has lots and lots of great utilities. These are all the nice words that I have to devote to Twitter. Now, it is badmouth time.

I don’t like to talk in general terms about any kind of subject (I know, I’m generalising here…), however, I will do it during the rest of the post.

From my point of view, Twitter is like a big forum. In Spanish, there is a quite popular one called forocoches.com, where any kind of discussion takes place, surrounded by an environment of bad language and rudeness. It is unusual if you find an entry where no-one have to say anything about someone’s mother. Yes, talking about other people’s mothers is a very recurrent topic here. It is also peculiar if you ask for advice about buying a technological device, and a real technological expert comes to reply. And if the expert comes, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the bluffer, as the bluffer usually sounds more credible. That’s mainly Twitter.

Twitter is like a bar, or a pub, or a canteen. Or like any place where you can eat, drink or relax. But with two differences. For understanding the first one, you have to imagine that you are in one of these locals and you can hear everything that people is saying, and everyone can hear what you are saying. That’s Twitter. The other difference is that you don’t physically see those people, which sometimes (that’s my way of saying ‘most of the times’) is great.

Yes, I know. I might sound like a hater. Nevertheless, I am. At least a Twitter hater. Besides the mentioned above, I also hate Twitter because Paulo Coelho has a lot of followers there. I have talked a lot about Coelho in later posts and I don’t really have anything against this nice person. But there is too much Coelho and I can’t handle it. Half of the tweets published in this social network are Paulo’s sentences, according to a research conducted by the University of Penciltown (UPT), which is a fictional university that I have just created out of the blue, to make my statements more reliable.

Twitter is more or less like that. It is about criticising others who think different. It is about talking in statements. It is about speaking about things you don’t know. Summing up, Twitter is too much mess for me…


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