The Dark Side of THE Toilet

There’s no power that can beat the dark side of any toilet. Specially, if we talk about the dark side of THE toilet. It was in one of those times when you find yourself in a cool restaurant and a visit to the toilet is needed. The mistake started just there.

I was unconscious of the danger I was about to face. In fact, I was happy, because I was intended to do something in that toilet that I really needed to do. And of course, I would be able to do it, but it wouldn’t be as easy as I could’ve thought at first. The toilet had been preparing me an ambush, an ambush I wasn’t ready to deal with.

As I entered into the bathroom, the lights came up by themselves. I supposed the reason for this had been the installation of a motion sensor, which allowed the lights to be on or off whether movement was detected or not. I thought how cool that was. But what could I hope? I was in a cool restaurant! I should’ve guessed it.

I decided to approach to one of those toilets that you have to stand up to “work on the thing”. The “work” I was doing was a long one (I had been containing me and drinking at the same time, for a couple of hours). It was so long the the motion sensor didn’t perceive me anymore and hence, the lights went out. I was trapped in that moment. I tried to move one leg and one hand in order to turn on the lights again. As it wasn’t enough to turn them on, I got crazy and I moved two hands and one leg (the only thing that kept me apart from moving both legs was falling down). Next, I shook my hips in a way that Shakira herself would envy. Even I took out a dove from a hat I hadn’t noticed I was wearing and send the dove to fly away. But nothing worked. Or almost nothing…

One of the things I was more afraid of, was that someone came into the toilet and saw me pissing in the dark. And it happened. A middle-aged male opened the door and the lights came up again. He saw how everything was dark when he opened the door. And when it was illuminated, he saw me. Pissing…

I’ve entered several times in the ladies room (certainly unintentionally). However, it was a quite much embarrassed experience, the one I lived in this “cool” restaurant, in “THE Toilet”. It left me a scar that I will have to carry with me forever.


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