Iron Man in A Coruña

Everything was quiet in New York. There was nothing to do. I mean, there was no available villain intending to destroy the world. That’s why Tony Stark tried to read a book, a Paulo Coelho’s. Maybe the Brazilian author was able to cheer him up, he thought. After fifteen minutes of reading, or in other words, after fifteen life’s definitions, he throw the book away. Then, he got up and his feet leaded him downstairs, where Iron Man suit was lying. He put it on and decided to cross the ocean to catch any lackadaisical enemy that could be hidden in Europe.

He flew for a couple of hours. A very boring flight that only the sound of AC/DC could ruin. He sighted a lighthouse far away. That could meant he was close to a continent. According to his GPS, that lighthouse belong to Spain. A Coruña in particular. It was midnight and the Spanish city was covered by darkness, only broken by the Hercules Tower (that’s the lighthouse’s name). Before landing, he overflew the sky of this Atlantic city. He wanted to make sure if there was any enemy on the A Coruña’s floor. He spot nothing. However, despite the lack of enemies, he decided to go down. The city looked interesting to hang out.

He was surprised because he had witnessed a lot of people dressed up with different costumes. That was a superb opportunity to land and be unnoticed, without taking out his Iron Man suit. The streets of the city centre were full of people, and half of them were costumed. Tony realised that some eyes were on him. Maybe his costume was too real.

Anyway, he sat in a cafeteria named La Postrería. The name looked funny to him. He ordered a coffee, as it was a long journey from the US to Europe and he needed to be awake. He asked J.A.R.V.I.S., his home computing system, about why a lot of people were wearing costumes that day. The answer was they were celebrating Carnavales, or Carnivals in English. He should’ve known that. According to J.A.R.V.I.S. and the Wikipedia, A Coruña was the second largest city in the autonomous community of Galicia. The lighthouse he saw before reaching the new city, was the oldest Roman lighthouse in use nowadays.

Once he finished the coffee, he rose and go for a walk. He entered in a pub, with a quite strange music being played, whose lyrics were performed by the audience, and they say something like “Vigo no, Vigo no, Vigo no”. Nothing more than that. He couldn’t understand it. Although later, he thought in Pitbull, which was worldwide famous thanks to three words, “ya tú sabes”. Then, everything made more sense.

Tony went out of the pub as he asked J.A.R.V.I.S. what ‘Vigo no’ was. He replied that Vigo was another Galician city, two hours away by car from A Coruña. Apparently, there is a rivalry between the football teams of both cities. Tony Stark wanted to ask someone about it. He asked some teenagers he found in a disco, about why Vigo no. Some said, because Vigo isn’t cool, others that Vigo sucks and others simply said “neno”. Anyway, very clear and grounded statements.

When he went out of the disco he was in, a bunch of people was looking at something he couldn’t see. People sounded fascinated by some reason. Tony could hear a lot of ‘wows’. At the same time, people utter the word ‘Iron Man’ and some other words in Spanish he couldn’t understand. But why Iron Man? Perhaps was there another person who dare to dress like him? Tony finally managed to see what everything was about, and he didn’t like what he had in front of him. Yes, it was a person dressed like him, but the suit that the unidentified person was wearing was amazing. It looked quite better than his. It had a lot of details and lights and it made really astonishing sounds when walking. He felt broken, upset and even angry. Tony could only think now in going back to the Stark Tower. He was on his knees, wondering why he felt like that. He ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to take him back home in automatic pilot.

Two hours later he was in home again. He sat on the couch and saw the Coelho’s book. He took it from the ground and continue the reading just where he left it.


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