Lost in a Female Underwear Shop

He was driven to one of the biggest shopping centres of Europe. He was surrounded by many stores of all kinds. Any sort of store you can imagine was there. And what was he doing there? Why was he driven into such a place? A force from an unexplained nature compelled him to penetrate the giant shopping building.

In that shopping centre were also found places that looked funny. Places like a cinema or a bowling alley. Unfortunately, the force doesn’t want him to go to those places. The force made him enter in places where clothes can be purchased. Not others. His ability to make decisions was canceled. He was not going to have fun that day in that building.

He wandered around tens of clothing shops. Finally, when he went out of the last one, he thought he was able to decide again. The force had been vanished. He took advantage of that moment and walked quickly, as quickly as he could, towards the exit door, without looking back, in order to go outside and breath pure air again. However, he was mistaken about the force. It was reactivated again, when he walked next to a female underwear shop. He thought that the force hadn’t noticed about that, but the force did it. The force always does. The force is smarter than any man on earth. He could do nothing but address the store.

He was set in the middle of this new area. Female purchasers were looking at him when they though he didn’t realise. Their gaze was unfriendly. They want him out of there. But he couldn’t go out. So he tried to place himself where he thought he wouldn’t interfere with all the ladies. But he interfered wherever he decided to stay.

During that time inside the female underwear shop, he realised something. Some girls went to that place alone, without any company. If these girls bought something, when they went out of the store, they did it by walking very fast. “I couldn’t walk that fast in my life, even if I train for it”, he thought. They were also angry. Yes, angry. The expression of their face told him so. Later, he thought that perhaps they were pissed because of his presence there… Or maybe not. Well, who knows? Only them… Or maybe not…

After twenty minutes of being mistreated by female eyes, hips and bags, and almost decapitated by a couple of bras, he was able to abandon the building. For hours, the force had possession of him, but in the end, he was free. Once the force and him were out of the shopping centre, the force disappeared, to be his girlfriend again. He had missed her.


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