Ryanair’s Landing Song

I have flown in several airlines and I’ve been surprised in these flights by many factors. However, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair would win the golden medal as the one that surprised me the most, if I had to give an award for it.

The first time I flew with them, I was completely shocked. When we landed, a song was played. It was an instrumental one. No lyrics. The song sounded like if we had achieved something very important. One of those songs that appear when something magnificent has been done. After a few seconds of these instrumental song ringing, a lady told the passengers that we had arrived on time to the airport. The song can be listened in this piece of news from the Daily Mail.

The two or three times that I flew with them, the song was always played. Likewise, when this happens, all the people (or most of them) celebrate the landing and the arrival to the destination airport with a big ovation. I clarify you that all these flights I was in, were in Spain. I don’t know if the landing is celebrated with ovations in other countries.

I have to admit that when we were landed and the song rang, I really felt like celebrating the event and I was happy and so. But when I went out of the plane and thought about it, I didn’t feel so happy. If this company needs to play a music of success every time one of their planes lands… Because according to the music, it looks like the chances to arrive to our destination were quite low. The lady who speaks while the music sounds says that ninety per cent of the flights arrive on time. Nevertheless, the music suggests that the ten per cent of the flights arrive.

I will have to find out if the song is played when the flight is not on time, because my experiences with Ryanair were always good, time wise. But I have to confess that the first time that I flew with this airline and heard the airplane crowd celebrating, I was astonished. On the one hand, it was funny, but on the other, I thought, “then, could it have gone wrong?”


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