The Book That Opened My Mind

I’m not a very punctual person. But my friends aren’t neither. So some times I have to wait for them from five to fifteen minutes at best. That waiting time isn’t a problem unless, of course, that every day I meet them, I have to wait.

Unfortunately, I do have to wait most of the days. On the other side, as many of you, I don’t like to waste my time waiting. I thought about this matter several times. One of these times, I was in my living room. My eyes focused on a book I had in front of me. I looked at the book. The book looked strongly at me. Somehow we connected, in a deep and harmonic way that I couldn’t explain, but anyhow, we did. Just in that very moment, me and the book realise what we exactly had to do.

I decided to carry a book with me, in order to read something while I have to wait. We know (the book and I) that we aren’t the first ones in figuring this out, but I felt and I actually feel very proud of my idea. And I guess that the book did also.

I’ve been using this technique for a month. You might be thinking that I finished at least one book. But in fact, I didn’t read a single page. Why? I don’t know. But the point is that every time I open my book to read something in my waiting time, the person I was waiting for arrives. But I mean instantly. It is magical. I can even tell you that during these two weeks I forgot to bring the book with me once and I had to wait for almost ten minutes. You have to prove this. It is fantastic. It will solve your life. It has solved mine. Because in the worst scenario, you’ll be reading something that you like. Although that is highly unlikely, according to my two-weeks-experience.

Warning: there is a slightly chance that when you open your book while waiting, another person, different from the one you are expecting, appears. This other person will be known by you and he or she will make your waiting time pleasant.


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