A Great Day For ‘The Hateful Eight’

I was having one of those days that could be defined as listless. I even felt anguished. Talking to me was an unpleasant experience for anyone who dared to approach me. So what better than watching a Tarantino’s film to relax.

I watched the trendy The Hateful Eight. And yes, the film relaxed me. I went out of the cinema healthier than when I came in. I was still unpleasant anyway, but I felt better. All I needed was to see some blood flying away.

And what can I say about the film? I personally loved it. Probably some people will find it boring and/or long. In fact, some people who were sitting behind me, made some comments in this regard. For me, the film was great and no negative points were found. If you are a Tarantino’s fan, you won’t be disappointed. It shares some similarities with Django Unchained. The location seems similar or close. However, the film itself reminded me to the Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. The setting is completely different, but the script has likenesses.

A lot have been said about the soundtrack, because of the awards that it has received in recent days. Thus, I thought that I would discover many songs in the film. But in the end, I didn’t. Few songs were displayed, although those that appeared are magnificent. Besides, they have the distinct Morricone’s touch that I like so much.

Summing up: intrigue, action, a thriller plot, good music (although not abundant) and of course blood. In other words, a pure Tarantino’s film.


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