Facebook, Paulo Coelho and Life’s Definitions.

Half of the posts I see on Facebook are trying to define what life is. A lot of similes are used to provide the most emotional and deepest thought. I’ve read some which compared life with carrying an umbrella, with the weather, with misery, with food, with stones… In short, with anything you can imagine. This needn’t to be something improper.

But life can be compared with anything that exist or imagine, because all those things are part of the life itself. If you want to compare life with a mouse, it will be comparable. If you want to compare it with a lemon tree, I wonder how, I wonder why. But anyway, I would like to go a bit deeper in these reflections.

I believe that if you think life is like carrying an umbrella, your life would be so. If you think life is like the weather, life would be so to you. From what I can gather, life is whatever you believe it is, whether you like it that way or not. I remember that one philosopher (sadly I don’t remember the name) said that “if you had to choose between believe in something or the opposite, you would always be right”. Our thoughts create our own reality and therefore, where our limits are found.

However, there is a situation with these Facebook’s posts that I mentioned above. When I see them I think “why is this person trying to tell me how life is and how I have to live it?”. What I dislike is people trying to impose me a definition of life. If you say “for me, life is…” would be great.

If I had to blame someone for these kind of posts, I would blame Paulo Coelho. The biggest creator of life’s definitions. Some of his definitions are so long that he turned them into books. Half of life’s definitions that can be found on the Internet belong to Coelho, quotes of his countless books. I’m not saying that his books are unadvisable. I’m just saying he is guilty of having created Facebook’s monsters who constantly publish definitions of life depending on the kind of day they’ve had.

Kisses and hugs, my dears.


2 thoughts on “Facebook, Paulo Coelho and Life’s Definitions.

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