Too much ‘Inherent Vice’

The first time that I heard about this film was two weeks ago. I didn’t know how, but no news had came to me regarding Inherent Vice. Although now that I have watched it, I understand why. If Paul Thomas Anderson (the film’s director) wanted me not to forget this motion picture ever in my life, wanted me to experiment different feelings and wanted me not to fall asleep during the almost two-hours-and-a-half film, he has achieved it. On the other hand, those feelings that I experimented were suffer, weariness and disorientation.

It was too much Inherent Vice for me. At first, the only thing that kept me awake was to know who famous Hollywood star would appear on the screen. Later, I thought that I would give up by joining to a nice dream. But when I believed that sleeping was about to begin its activity, I became a little bit interested in the last part of the film. Not too much, just a little. Still, that little was enough to make my sleep impossible.

I have to confess that some times, during the film, I felt I was high. Because watching Joaquin Phoenix, among others, smoking weed (at least) for two hours, and the remaining twenty minutes snorting cocaine, whether you want it or not, you end up as stoned as he and his fellow stars.

Would I recommend this film? Yes, why not. Yet, I wouldn’t recommend it strongly. If you have too much free time, if you watch it from a funny perspective, it could be a bit enjoyable. Even though it wasn’t enjoyable to me. Not at all. I suffered the film more than what I would dare to recognise. This fact makes me even more guilty of having watched it. Nevertheless, if you loved Mulholland Drive, perhaps you could enjoy this film. They are similar, admitting that Inherent Vice has no suspense, no intrigue, no David Lynch as a director… Well, after all, they aren’t so similar…

However, I wouldn’t define Inherent Vice as a bad or awful movie. If I had to use one word to define it I would say suffer. Notwithstanding, nice things can be said about this film. For example, I don’t remember anything or almost anything from those films that I define as bad or awful. But from this one, I remember everything and I know for certain, that I won’t forget. It left me scars, that’s unquestionable. But there’s no reason for that to be something bad. At the same time, I can assure you it isn’t good.


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