When YouTube Played With Me

From time to time, I browse YouTube to watch some videos from channels I’m subscribed to. I thought that the perfect moment for doing so would be in dinner time. And so I did. However, YouTube didn’t.

I was very interested on watching a video about a TV show. When I tried to play the video, YouTube told me that “an error occurred, please try again later”. Following YouTube’s advices, I tried later (one second later) several times (like a maniac), but the error was still occurring. So after a minute of clicks, I decided to watch another interesting video, or at least that was what it looked like, according to the preview displayed. “An error occurred, please try again later” Youtube replied, once again. I did the clicking thing anew, though nothing was changed. I repeated the process for a third time, with another video that I strongly wanted to watch. I received the same fortune.

Then, I decided to play a random ‘related video’, those that appear to the right of the screen. I wasn’t interested on watching that video, I just wanted to check if the problem was general or not. Surprisingly, the video was perfectly played, without YouTube saying sh… things. Thus, I tried again to play another video of those that I wanted to watch. Per contra, errors came back.

I played like five videos I didn’t care about it, and all of them worked. But when I went back to the ones I wanted to watch, errors appeared, over and over. I had to recognise it. YouTube had beaten me, and I had to accept it. What did I do? I ducked my head and closed YouTube, not to be opened anymore (until the next day). Thereafter, I proceeded to eat the coldest vegetable soup I have ever tasted.


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