Sauna’s Tale

I remember the first time I entered into a sauna. It was in Lugo, in a swimming pool’s facilities. What I wanted to do there was swimming. But I was told there was a sauna in the locker rooms, so I gave it a try. Once I was inside, I was completely shocked to see some old people talking about different subjects. Why was I so shocked? Because I couldn’t even open my mouth because of the heat of the room. However, these old guys were talking as naturally as they were in a bar.

After a couple of minutes in the sauna, I wanted to go out, when a young male started to talk to me. He asked me if it was my first time in that swimming pool, and I said yes. I took advantage of the situation and I asked him about the sauna. How it works, the best moment to use it and so. We were talking for about ten minutes. When I went out of the sauna I almost fall to the ground, due to the long sauna stay. I was a bit dizzy at that moment.

This stranger guy I met was very nice. He was a very open person, easy to talk with. He looked very cheerful when he was talking, and also when he was listening, although he was the one who talked most of the time.

On the other hand, his physique was not a muscular one. In fact, his physique was similar to an ironing board. Nevertheless, the stranger claimed that he came to swim everyday. That was like a religious rite to him, he didn’t miss a single day, or at least that’s what he intimated. He said that it was very good for him. He felt terribly well after swimming and spending time in the sauna, according to his words. He told all that while he was putting a smily face, like he was the best and more honest person the world has ever known.

Subsequently, I went to the swimming pool twice a week, no less no more. I went at different times. In some occasions I went in the morning, in others in the afternoon and others at night. Likewise, every time I went to swim, I also went to spend ten minutes in the sauna afterwards.

And about the stranger guy, that first day was the last day I saw him.


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