What a Galician can trigger in Seville

I’ve been several times in Seville. Half of which it rained. Seville is known by many things, but not for its rain. In fact, almost all the year the sun shines in this Andalusian city, or at least, that’s what I was told.

Then, why half of the days I was there it rained? I have developed a hypothesis about it. I’m from Galicia, which is located in the northwest of Spain. Galicia is known by many things, and in this case, one of them is the rain. Many Galician people live in Andalusia and in Seville in particular. Therefore, I state that Seville can hold a limited amount of Galician in its streets. When the limit of Galicians is exceeded, the rain falls.

However, later on, I received different reports from friends who live in Seville, declaring that it is not only a matter of Galicians. One specific report mentioned that one fine day, a big number of Navarros (people who live in Navarre, which is also located in the north, bordering France) came down to Seville, provoking serious downpours. The rain stopped once the Navarros abandoned the city.

Accordingly, the hypothesis is not as simple as I came to believe at first. It is not only about Galicians. Likewise, it is not only about Navarros. It is about northern. When a flood of people from the north comes to Seville, a flood of rains and clouds comes with them. This is the only way for me to understand why I wasn’t able to get rid of the Galician rain half of the times I was in Seville. This must be the explanation. There must be no other.


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