Her Eyes

Some years ago, I was a bit worried about a particular love affair. There was a girl I liked her. Not too much, but enough to have me worried. For me, it was very important to know if she liked me or not, so I surfed the internet to find something that could be helpful.

I read a lot of different stuff. From “7 signs she really wants you”, to “26 signs she’s secretly in love with you”, or even “48 super sure signs that a girl really deeply likes you”. Most of the things I found were useless, and others too risky (like asking her). But there was one thing that most webpages agreed. The dilated pupils.

It happens that if your pupils are dilated, it is supposedly the ultimate sign to know if a person is in love with you. Apparently, there is no scientific prove that sustains this “theory”, though I didn’t care back then. I just wanted to know if this girl liked. Besides, it was the easiest way to figured it out. Therefore, I decided that the next time I saw her, I would look straight to her eyes in order to see how big her pupils were.

I didn’t have to wait for too long. Next day, I coincided with this girl in a city bus. We were talking for a bit of time about academical matters, and while we were talking, I put my eyes on hers. In that moment, in that very instant, I saw, for the very first time in my whole life, the first pupilless eyes I had ever seen.

I lost all hope after that. Months later, I realised that it was a shiny day, and that a lot of light provokes a size decrease of the pupil.


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