Tattoos and Fruit Labels

Sometimes, I judge people unintentionally. I just do it, even though I do not want. These unintentional judgements change a lot if the person has a tattoo or a fruit label, and the way I judge them has nothing to do with any rational thinking.

If I see an adult and they have tattoos, the person is cool, modern and independent. If I see an adult and they have fruit labels stuck to their hands, for example, they look like they are idiots, or they have some kind of mental disease. However, fruit labels can be unstuck very easily and tattoos have to be there for ever. And if it happens that you want to erase them, whatever the reasons, you will have to take part on a very dangerous operation and it will leave marks in the skin. So, who is the idiot then?

I am not trying to state that everyone with tattoos are idiots. If you know yourself very good, if you know your likes and dislikes and so, it is great. In fact, I love tattoos, but not in my own skin. For me, the best tattoos are those which represent something happy and magnificent that you have done. For instance, I heard that the cast of The Lord of the Rings tattooed something related with the film, once it was finished.

What I really mean here, is that if you wear a fruit label in some part of your body (being an adult), you look stupid in the eyes of unknown people. Or at least, it happens from my eyes’s perspective. And that thought has no point, though it happens to me anyway.

Now, if we speak about kids or people that we know, the matter changes completely. If they wear fruit labels, they are very cute little people, in the case of children, and funny if they are relatives or friends. But if they were tattoos, their parents are mad, if they are kids. If they are family or friends, they got crazy. So, in some moment of our life, the way we judge these things changes.

Why am I telling you this? Because society is able to transform the way we think into an irrational mind, but mainly, because I just want it to share it with someone, so I guess you have a nice day.


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