Drunk of Pretending to be Drunk

I was sending messages to a friend of mine. One of the messages I wrote had misspellings. I sent that kind of message just for fun, but my friend did not get the joke and thought I was drunk. Then, I considered the option of pretending to be drunk. It seemed funny enough for me so I carried out.

We shared several messages, and my friend believed completely that I was drunk. However, I did not expect what it was going to happen hereafter. I was sitting on the couch and I was probably speaking with this guy for over half an hour. Once I finished the conversation, I tried to stand up and I almost fall on the floor. I felt like my head was shaken. But there’s even more. I was in a living room with some other guys. I spoke with them, but it was not easy. My tongue did not move the way I wanted. I swear that the other guys I was with, did not smoke anything and I drunk nothing but mineral water and orange juice. Even these guys said that I looked drunk. Obviously, they knew I was not, because I spent the night with them.

What am I trying to say with this? What I’m trying to say is that sometimes, if you pretend to do something or to be someone, you have chances to become in that thing or person. If you are able to transform your brain, and make it think differently, your world can be changed. If I pretended to be drunk and I got drunk because I really believed I was, while playing a joke, you could do something similar if you influence your own brain, but thinking that you are any other thing rather than drunk.

I’m just saying.


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