What the Fargo!

After watching its first season, I thought that a second one could never improve what I had already seen. I even thought it would be worse. I was mistaken. But Billy Bob Thornton’s character (Lorne Malvo) was one of the best bad guys I had witnessed on TV, so I had my reasons to believe that an equal or better second season would be impossible.

However, Fargo‘s second season has characters on the Lorne Malvo’s level. The actors and actresses play overacted and problematic roles, every one with a huge and sometimes difficult past behind. I am sure that these performances will worth several awards (in fact, it is nominated to the 2015 Golden Globes, for example).

The series reminded me to Tarantino’s films because of several reasons. One of them, because some of his most famous characters could be found in this series and no one would be surprised. The second reason because like in Tarantino’s, watching this show was like watching a western film, but instead of sand, the set was surrounded by snow, and it was located in the last part of the twentieth century. Finally, the way the music is used is quite similar to the Tarantino’s use. Songs we do not usually hear on TV and that at first, does not look like it fits on the scene. Music which melody tells you something and its lyrics the opposite.

On the other hand, technically, it seems perfect through the eyes of a series follower. The colours, the photography, the camera’s movement. However, the mutter I like the most was its music. For me, the soundtrack’s choice is simply great. Greater than the first season, as far as I recall. I does not mean that the other aspects are not good. Everything in this series is remarkable.

By the way, another remarkable issue are the conversations. Some of them trivial, some of them intellectual and some of them philosophical, but none of them bored.


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