What Lana Del Rey Can Do with One’s Body

Today, I would like to say a few words about Lana Del Rey. I have to say that I love her music. But I love it in an unusual way, at least from my perspective. I ignore if this happens to other people, but I just love her music if I listen to it from time to time, and just one every day as maximum.

Lets say that I listen to Lana’s Summer Time Sadness. I would really enjoy those three or four minutes of music, and maybe, I would even dance and sing. If just after that, I play Born to Die, I would enjoy it, but at the same time, I would start to feel like her music took possession of me, and that would make me feel really well. If I would dare to dance with this second song, I would dance in a slow way, as if I was fighting with somebody in slow-motion. If I listen to a third song, for example, High by the Beach, I would be losing the notion of time, while my eyes and my mouth would be half open. This time, dancing would be an unavailable choice.

Lets say that I can face another Lana Del Rey song, like Young and Beautiful. I would probably be found lying on the floor, with some white liquid coming out of my mouth and completely sweated and wet. Similar to that Pulp Fiction’s scene, when Vicent Vega (John Travolta) finds Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) with a cocaine overdose.


Then, I can conclude that listening to Lana Del Rey music can be dangerous. But if you are able not to listen to more than one song in a row, you would be completely safe. I am pretty sure that a load of people is addressed to detox due to listening too much Lana.


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